Maxi 3 Aqua Filtered / Boiling / Chilled Water Dispensing Unit

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Product Information

Product Information

Features and benefits

Energy saving features including a timer to turn the unit off and a sleep mode that powers down the unit when it’s not in use
Safety features including a safety lock and automatic time out
Inbuilt 5 micron filter
Automatic leak detection shuts off water supply
Pumped chiller design maintains constant flow regardless of system pressure
Modular design allows easier fitment into tight cupboard spaces
MAXI features a superior 5 micron filter to reduce impurities, chlorine taste as well as lime-scale build-up, a warning light indicates when the filter needs to be easily replaced
Energy saving - The seven day timer with programmable sleep mode means your appliance only uses power when needed without compromising on delivery. There is also the ability to set your boiling water temperature between 70-99 degree C
Safe to use - Implementing the safety lock for two-finger operation provides extra safety for staff, children and those more at risk, the no-splash, drip-free tap also provides safety at every step of operation
Hands-free function - Just click the red or blue lever up for continuous boiling or chilled water to fill larger jugs or containers safely
Auto-calibration - The unique auto-calibration function means the appliance will automatically calibrate to the set temperature dependent on height above sea level to provide the perfect temperature hot water
Design options - Maxi is available in two dispenser tap designs Aqua and Azure, also available in two mixer tap designs
*Excludes sink-free extension kit
Product Specification
  • Width


  • Height


  • Depth

    Boiling Water - 12kg
    Chilled Water - 17kg
    Boiling Water - 18kg
    Chilled Water - 23kg

  • Range

    Maxi 3 Aqua

  • Power Requirements

    Chilled Water - 200W
    Boiling Water - 1800W

  • Installation Type


  • Warranty

    2 - Year on Parts and Labour
    5 - Year on Tank
    Please refer to

  • Inclusions

    Boiling Water Unit only Aqua, Slave Chiller Only, Aqua Sink-Free and Extension Kit

  • Weight


  • Water Mark


  • Noise Level

    Chilled Water - 50dBA

  • Number Of People

    40 to 60 People

  • Boiling Water Delivery-First Hour

    165 Cups

  • Chilled Water Delivery-First Hour

    180 Cups

  • Hot Water Connections

    R1/2 BSPM

  • Electrical Consumption

    220-240VAC, 50Hz, 10A


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